Log Cabins & Charters

Homer Alaska lodging now offers affordable, luxury log cabin rentals in the heart of Homer. Goofy Moose log cabins are located at the base of the hill as you enter Homer. We are minutes from downtown with its excellent restaurants and art galleries and just a couple of miles from the Homer Spit where you will find world class fishing for halibut, lingcod and salmon. Our Alaskan cabin rentals offer breathtaking views of Kachemak Bay and the mountains. We also offer fishing trips on our 31′ Bertram and can customize fishing and lodging packages for you. Please see our “Fish with us” page for more information on the trips we offer.

Picture yourself enjoying your morning coffee or grilling your days’ catch with views like these from your own private deck.

Goofy Moose has satellite TV upstairs and downstairs in both cabins. Our kitchens are fully equipped with refrigerator, freezer, stove, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, pots and pans, utensils etc. We also give you a “welcome pack” upon arrival containing coffee, tea, sugar and creamer etc. All your towels and linens are provided.

We also offer a fully equipped, complimentary laundry room for guest use and also have a selection of DVD’s should you wish to stay in and unwind after a long day of fishing or sightseeing. For further information about our facilities, please visit the “About Us” page.

If you are looking for luxury but affordable accommodation in Homer call GOOFY MOOSE

In the brand new research, Goo led a study team in conducting a series of tests to test the consequences of different mutations within a flavivirus protein known as envelope protein, which performs a significant role in infection. Using E proteins from Western world Nile, they discovered a mutation known as T198F which makes E proteins even more delicate to inhibition with antibodies. E protein may transformation shape in an activity referred to as ‘viral deep breathing,’ which hides and exposes particular elements of the proteins alternately. Further experiments uncovered that T198F happens in an integral part of E proteins that regulates viral respiration, resulting in publicity of another, usually badly available area of the proteins. Continue reading

The virus, entirely on a farm in the city of General Toshevo, located close to the border with Romania, would result in the loss of life of 140,000 wild birds, the agency said. Since Oct the Balkan nation in addition has registered four situations of parrot flu. The virulence of highly pathogenic bird flu viruses has prompted countries such as for example Saudi Arabia to bar poultry imports from Bulgaria.. Bulgaria reports outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu SOFIA – Bulgaria has reported an outbreak from the highly pathogenic H5N8 parrot flu virus on the plantation in the northeastern area of Dobrich, on Mon the country wide meals protection company said. Continue reading

Potential diagnostic assessments, new medicines, improved health supplements or various other changes that may help even more women possess full-term pregnancies will demand several even more years of research, the authors state.Among the gene areas identified shows that cells within the liner from the uterus play a larger-than-expected function in the space of pregnancy, which offers a new focus on for medications to greatly help prevent preterm delivery.Another newly determined gene area boosts important questions about how exactly too little selenium-a common eating mineral within some nuts, particular green vegetables, liver organ and additional meats-might affect preterm delivery risk. Continue reading

– PubMed – NCBI.. REVEALED: Only 3 percent of Americans know that being overweight increases cancer risk It has been well-documented that carrying excess fat and too little exercise increases your current risk of cancers.However, a fresh study has discovered that just three % of People in america know.The researchers from Washington University say these were amazed by their findings as the most Americans they interviewed could actually identify metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease as illnesses that are due to carrying excess fat. The group says its research shows that open public health promotions that discuss the advantages of exercise have to make even more of an attempt to highlight how you lessen your cancers risk by participating in physical activity. Continue reading

After a search of big brands, small titles, it became apparent that Wellness Catalyst was the proper partner, both because of its technology as well as the cultural fit. We provide this engine – this activity-based costing engine – and what Health Catalyst provides are a quantity of layouts, some spectacular visualization equipment and a lot of ancillary systems, DeMichiei stated. This cost administration program can’t live alone. It requires that connection with other styles of medical analytics. Burton likens the contract with UPMC to people Wellness Catalyst has with Allina Health insurance and Companions Health care in Boston. Both experienced created results administration technology in-house that was commercially practical and relevant for the broader market. Continue reading

6. Frozen Foods The frozen foods that needs to be an integral part of your grocery list are broccoli, spinach, carrots, peas, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries without added sugar. Also, freezing shrimps, freezing yogurt, and low-fat glaciers cream could be put into your food shopping list. Frozen vegetables are often put into stews, soups, and casseroles. Frozen yogurt combined with freezing fruit can change it right into a yummy smoothie. 7. Dairy Eggs and Products These will include low-fat soymilk or dairy, fat-free yogurt, low-fat cottage parmesan cheese, eggs, low-fat mozzarella cheese snack foods, and butter. Consist of these foods inside your healthy diet program. If you’re somebody who enjoys consuming mozzarella cheese and butter, don’t deprive yourself, eat in small amounts just. Continue reading

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Among men and women of most age cohorts researched, drug-related deaths have skyrocketed. For example, in 1980, 1.4 per 100,000 men and 1.76 per 100,000 ladies died from medication overdoses. By 1998, those figures got climbed to 9.5 for men and 3.6 for females. By 2014, they’d increased to 36.5 for men and 24.4 for ladies. Meanwhile, the analysts found simply no substantive boosts in light men’s alcohol-related mortality anytime. Suicide prices did rise between 1999 and 2014 for women and men slightly. Continue reading

Nevertheless, as the analysts report, current remedies are insufficient in combating many types of malignancy even now. ‘We hope our fresh findings and systems will be used in tumor treatments therefore help to additional increase their achievement rates,’ state the study’s mature authors, Teacher Doron Merkler and Teacher Daniel Pinschewer.. Designer viruses stimulate the immune system to fight cancer Swiss scientists in the College or university of Geneva , Switzerland, as well as the University or college of Basel have created artificial viruses that may target cancer. Continue reading

Galvin’s strategy follows a kind of personalized treatment similarly found in malignancy and delivers an individualized avoidance program, tailored to each patient’s risk profile predicated on their genetic characteristics, biomarkers , socio-demographics, way of living options, and co-existent medical ailments. This approach particularly focuses on the heterogeneity of Advertisement by determining person-specific risk elements and applying a personalized intervention directed from this risk profile. Continue reading